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Frightened Rabbit's "Get Out"

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Frightened RabbitSometimes a song comes up, and we feel as though our lives are enhanced just by listening to that piece of music. That's where we are this week with Frightened Rabbit's "Get Out".

This Scottish indie-rock band is more well-known than artists whom we normally feature. Since 2003, vocalist and guitarist Scott Hutchison has been making music with a slew of changes in band members. Initially, the talented artist set out to pursue a solo project, but wound up recording and releasing the first studio album, Sing the Greys with his brother Grant. The two eventually picked up more members to add to Frightened Rabbit, and released four studio albums, with a fifth on the way.

This powerful band is described as putting on "noisy" shows, but in a sense that still evokes depth and connection with the audience; not embodied in surface sounds and needless noise. The feeling that Hutchinson describes as "Taking nothing for granted and believing, always, that there's everything to play for", is felt deeply in the lyrics and boisterous musical accompaniment; it gives listeners a bold sense of confidence and powerful visuals.

"I'm in the arch of the church / between her thumb and her forefinger / I'm a worshipper", sings Hutchinson, surrendering to emotion and releasing himself to such vulnerability and vivid imagery. The oh so powerful chorus "Get out of my heart, she won't, she won't / I saw a glimmer in the dark / and now I know / She won't get out of my heart" are the roots for a glorious blossoming scene full of smitten emotion. Aside from the lyrics, what makes this music such a match for motion picture, is the driving instrumental track. The electric guitars sing the melody, every bit as Hutchinson does when he cries "Get out of my heart".

Frightened Rabbit gathers inspiration from relatable places such as breakups, family problems, and personal setbacks, which makes their projects relatable and transparent. This inspiration, while it doesn't come from a pre-recorded visual representation, can use its honesty and familiarity to support what is on screen.

Painting of a Panic Attack is expected to be released on April 8, so be on the lookout! Stay tuned via social media for the latest from Frightened Rabbit, and check out their personal page for more info.


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