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Carly Comando's "Fairy Princess"

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Carly ComandoAs they would say in a live performance, "We're going to bring it down with this one." Carly Comando leads the way this week with her stunningly peaceful, emotional, instrumental track: "Fairy Princess".

Carly Comando is a thirty-year-old composer living in Bethlehem, PA and has a unique combination of gifts that include classical training, perfect pitch and simply a true love of music. As a composer, Carly firmly believes that music is nothing without heart, and heart can most certainly be heard in her extraordinarily passionate pieces.

It's highly likely that you've heard Comando's song "Everyday" played against picture before. The artist's most well-known song has acquired a combined 100+ Million annual views across Youtube alone. "Everyday" is also the 70th most used song on Youtube, amassing over 300,000 views a day on over 180,000 different videos. Carly's music has been used in ad campaigns and television commercials for The Simpsons, Channel 4 UK, Canon, and many more. From her most recent album, "Daydream" was  selected as the score for The United Way's 2015 national campaign.

"Fairy Princess" is a piece that tiptoes along. It leads you through a snowy escapade of wondrous delight and self-realization. Comando's pieces are often characterized by heavy bass notes that add a contrast to the light melody, and this piece is no exception. Every note is soul stirring and visual, with its arms wide open for interpretation and motion picture placement. "Fairy Princess" doesn't need words to tell a story; it does so perfectly well in its floating melody.

We can't wait until we hear the next Carly Comando vs. Motion Picture collaboration because it is sure to be an emotionally fulfilling experience. Please check out Carly Comando's website, and be sure to give her September 2015 release, "Dreamlife" a listen.


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