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Atlantic Screen Music Marks 10th Year Anniversary By Acquiring Redfive Creative, A Noted, UK-Based Music Supervision & Sync Company

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Atlantic Screen Music Marks 10th Year Anniversary By Acquiring Redfive Creative, A Noted, UK-Based Music Supervision & Sync Company, Completing Its 150th Film Score, And Retaining Jonathan Firstenberg As Its North American Rep: Unique Company Acquires Film Scores By Funding Motion PicturesASM MUSIC

Atlantic Screen Music, (ASM), a division of parent company Atlantic Screen Group, is currently celebrating its 10th Anniversary Year and, concurrently, has acquired Redfive Creative, a noted, UK-based music supervision and sync company. In addition, the unique ASM, which provides funds for feature film productions - thereby owning the resulting film scores - has just completed its 150th film score, this for the Julian Schnable movie "At Eternity's Gate" (the closing night film of the 56th New York Film Festival.) Also, ASM has retained Los Angeles-based Jonathan Firstenberg as its first North American Representative. The announcements were made today by Simon Fawcett, CEO, Atlantic Screen Group.Rupert Hollier

As a result of the ASM acquisition of Redfive Creative, the company's Creative Director, Rupert Hollier, and Music Supervisor, David Fish, are proud to have become part of one of the world's largest film score soundtrack production entities. Redfive, a leading creative music agency for film, TV and advertising, brings to ASM its expertise within the areas of: creative searches and licensing, bespoke composition and re-records, sonic branding, music strategy and production, score funding, and financial analysis.

ASM has produced and owns the Film Score Soundtracks for major motion pictures, by funding the films they own the scores to. The ASM Film Soundtrack Catalog features as many styles, genres and moods of music as there are Films that make it to the screen. ASM film score soundtracks offer music cues of varying instrumentation ranging from Fiery Symphonic Orchestra and Choir to Raging Power Guitars, to Plaintive Piano, Poignant Cello, Distorted Electronica and Sound Design and all other familiar and not so familiar instruments and sounds on the spectrum. These soundtracks are now available to license for Film, TV, Advertising and All-Media formats, with the publishing and Masters all Pre-Cleared for quick licensing.

Among the films ASM has produced soundtracks for, to date, are "2 Guns," "Atomic Blonde," "Churchill," "Escape Plan" "Forsaken," "Heist," "Kidnap," "Lone Survivor," "Paranoia," "The Frozen Ground," "The Host," "The Zookeeper's Wife," and "Vice" to name just some. Upcoming ASM film score projects include those for "Backtrace," starring Sylvester Stallone; "

Jonathan Firstenberg

The Hummingbird Project," starring Jesse Eisenberg and Salma Hayek; "I Think We're Alone Now," starring Peter Dinklage and Elle Fanning; "All the Devil's Men," starring William Fichtner and Sylvia Hoeks; "Rabid," starring Laura Vandervoort; and "Mara," starring Olga Kurylenko.

In his new role as ASM's first North American Representative, Jonathan Firstenberg will be scouting for Music Catalog acquisition opportunities and partnerships, introducing Blockbuster Film Score Soundtracks for sync, and promoting ASM's Copyright Administration Services (CAS) which offers rights' holders a more robust and generous foreign royalty and mechanical collection model. Firstenberg is an acquisition specialist, experienced in strategic creative and business development for Music Publishing companies. He has served as SVP, Strategic Development, VP Business Development, Creative Director and Executive Producer for Universal Music Publishing Group, BMG and Zomba. Firstenberg is a three-time Emmy Award winner for "Outstanding Music Supervision and Composition."

Simon Fawcett

Regarding today's news, Fawcett said, "We are thrilled and delighted to be celebrating our 10 year anniversary milestone. We are 100% focused on creating the best value return coupled with the highest quality of service to our clients working across the genres of feature film, television, advertising and games, as well as throughout the music industry. Our acquisition of Redfive Creative will allow us to expand into the supervision, bespoke, and advertising markets on a number of different levels. Redfive's ethos and strategy is completely aligned with ours, and we are delighted to integrate them into our team. And we are also looking forward to a long and productive new working relationship with Jonathan Firstenberg, who will help us expand and introduce our company to new clients and partners across the Hollywood marketplace and beyond.

Adds Rupert Hollier, "We are delighted to be able to bring Redfive Creative under the Atlantic Screen Music umbrella - it is a natural fit due to our existing relationship, which allows R5 to retain its autonomy and independence, whilst benefiting from the ASM model across the board, and being able to provide them with a more robust and proactive music supervision capability. This is hugely exciting for all of us."


Launched in 2008, Atlantic Screen Music is a music publishing, music production and music investment company, concentrating on the acquisition, financing, supervision, and publishing of over 200 major film score soundtracks. The company's focus is on screen, writing and production talent, including John Debney, Max Richter, Steve Jablonsky, Clinton Shorter, Daniel Hart, Lorne Balfe, Explosions in the Sky, Atticus Ross, Harry Gregson-Williams and other high profile film/TV/recording artists. ASM also has associations with such top film production companies as Emmett Furla, Voltage Films, Foresight Films, and Kintop Films.

ASM Film Score Soundtracks are created by the world's most highly-achieved composers and crafted by equally talented music supervisors, directors and producers.

Among the renowned film composers ASM works with are:

John Debney: "The Jungle Book," "The Greatest Showman," "The Passion of the Christ," "Iron Man 2"

Paul Leonard-Morgan: "Limitless," "Fallen," "Spooks

Antonio Pinto: "Collateral," "Love in the Time of Cholera," "Lula," "Senna," "À Deriva"

Max Richter: "Arrival," "The Leftovers," "Lore," "Vals Im Bashir"

Atticus Ross: "The Social Network," "Gone Girl," "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo," "The Book of Eli"

Alex Heffes: "The Last King of Scotland," "Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom," "Tsunami: The Aftermath," "State of Play," "Roots" (2016)

Clinton Shorter: "District 9," "Code Black," "2 Guns," "Pompeii," "Contraband"

Among ASM's areas of expertise:

** Music Publishing: film score soundtracks, production and commercial catalogs.

** Monetizing Rights Quarterly: payments to musicians, songwriters, composers and publishers

** Music Publishing Administration: administering the producers' publishing rights

** Music Supervision: creative searches and commercial cut licensing, budget analysis and negotiations

** Score Production: sourcing composers and arranging for orchestras and recording studios

** Music Investment and Funding: dedicated to music production, composers, media and the entertainment industry

** Music Budgeting: assessing music budgets and estimating music income streams

** Music Copyright Audits: auditing a producer's historical music royalties

** Creating and Production: high quality TV and feature films for the global market

In Los Angeles, Jonathan Firstenberg, ASM's North American Representative, can be contacted via: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 323/829-9986.

In the UK, Rupert Hollier, ASM Music Supervisor, can be contacted via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or + 44 (0) 7894 757 722

Please see: for more information.

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