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Riptide Music Group Announces New Alliance With Industry Veteran Jonathan Palmer, And Welcomes Palmer's "A Suit Of Leaves" Catalog To Its Sync Group

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Riptide Music Group (Riptide), a leading synchronization, rights management, and creative company that provides music to advertising, movie trailers, TV programming and promos, major motion pictures, videogames, and multi-media productions, has announced a new alliance with music industry veteran Jonathan Palmer along with his music catalog A Suit of Leaves.

Palmer will work with Riptide's roster in Creative Licensing, while concurrently continuing to serve the music community with A Suit of Leaves, the music licensing and consulting company he founded earlier in 2018. A Suit of Leaves' dynamic roster includes Ziggy Marley, Nina Nesbitt, Gothic Tropic, Fantastic Negrito, Diane Birch, Noah Gundersen, Dead Horses, WAX LTD, Faction Management, and many other artists.

Palmer will be based at Riptide's offices in Culver City.

Dan Silver, Riptide's Vice President of Creative and A&R, said, "Jonathan is totally integrated across the full spectrum of today's music industry - we are thrilled to welcome him to the team! He brings amazing curation and unites his own roster, A Suit of Leaves, which is now available in DIVER - our newest division representing record label releases for active touring mid-major level bands and artists. Palmer will be focused on presenting artists for entertainment and advertising placements. He's a very welcome new player in our creative team."

Adds Palmer, "I'd been seeking a powerful ally for my company, A Suit of Leaves - I've found that in Riptide Music Group, a company with a rock-solid track record that values the creative side of our business. I'm excited to expand my partnership with the team here, creating new music moments in film, TV, advertising and beyond.

Rich Goldman, President of Riptide, said, "Jonathan is one of the few people that I've had the pleasure to know who combines his broad musical knowledge with an enviable level of taste, to execute on the work that he loves to do - syncing great music with picture. His over-all chops are exemplary, not to mention the wide respect he enjoys from the community. We couldn't be happier to have Jonathan and A Suit of Leaves partner with Riptide."


Jonathan Palmer is a music industry veteran whose diverse experience encompasses music supervision, licensing, management, A&R, publishing, songwriting, production, and live performance. Past in-house positions Palmer has held include posts with Columbia Records, SONGS, Sanctuary Records, Sony/ATV and Bug Music.

During the course of his career, Palmer has worked with a number of major artists, including Adele, Beyoncé, Daft Punk, John Legend, Jack White, St. Paul & the Broken Bones, Thievery Corporation, Ryan Adams and Rosanne Cash, to name some.

Palmer recently music supervised the popular series "Ugly Delicious" for Netflix. His numerous soundtrack credits include the Oscar and Grammy Award-winning "20 Feet from Stardom." A member of NARAS and the Guild of Music Supervisors, he is also lead vocalist for the lounge-pop band Love Jones.


Formed in early 2014 by the merger of Riptide Music and Pigfactory, Riptide Music Group is comprised of five operating units: Riptide Rights looks after publishing and master rights for administration and sync representation; Riptide One, a carefully curated catalog of independent artists, bands, producers and composers, master & publishing controlled 100% by Riptide; Pacifica Music Library, a modern production music library focused on current popular music styles; DIVER, a boutique catalog of label-signed, active and touring artists; and Incubator, Riptide's pop and urban songwriter, producer and artist development division.

Riptide Music Group is located at 9469 Jefferson Blvd., Ste. 114, Culver City, CA 90232. The phone is 310.437.4380. For more information, please visit:

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