Wednesday, 17 January 2018 10:50

The Psychology of Synch in Commercials: Revealed

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Everyone knows synch licensing of hit songs can be a powerful sales tool. Now there’s fresh science to explain exactly why.

Don’t miss this fascinating article in Billboard by Colin Stutz, who reports here on new findings by Dr. Bradley Vines, the director of neuroscience for Nielsen Music in Europe. Through extensive research, Vines has broken down exactly why hit songs that are synch licensed for commercials have a unique power to engage audiences and bolster brands.

For those in search of hard cold facts to back up our intuition – that the right synch at the right time can be a worthwhile investment for advertising agencies and their clients – this is an article well worth digging into.

justice league

Promos for the Justice League benefitted from syncing Gary Clark Jr.'s "Come Together."

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