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Riptide Music Group Names Mark Ross, Son Of Former Time-Warner CEO Steve Ross, Partner, And Secures Multi-Million Dollar Deal To Finance Future Growth

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Riptide Music GroupMark Ross was Executive Director of Quincy Jones Productions

Riptide Music Group (Riptide), a leading synchronization and rights management company that provides music to advertising, movie trailers, TV programming and promos, major motion pictures, videogames, and multi-media productions, has named Mark Ross as a Partner. Concurrently, Riptide has secured a $4-million dollar investment from Ross to finance the future growth of the business. The announcement was made today by Riptide executives Rich Goldman, President, and Keatly Haldeman, CEO.

Riptide will use the new infusion of funds to expand operations, acquire additional music, and sign and develop songwriters, producers, and recording artists.

Mark Ross is the son of legendary music executive Steve Ross, founder and CEO of Warner Communications, and former CEO of Time Warner, Inc. Mark Ross has been active over the last three decades at the highest level of virtually every facet of the music and film business, including serving as Executive Director of Quincy Jones Productions.

Riptide Music Group is a full-service, sync-focused music publishing company with broad relationships across the media spectrum. Recent placements include commercials for Apple, Carl's Jr., and Google Chromecast; film campaigns for "John Wick 2," "Valerian and the City Of a Thousand Planets," and "Get Out!;" and numerous additional placements in TV shows and promos with the top broadcast, OTT, and cable networks.

Riptide Music Group ExecutivesRiptide's pop music development division, Incubator, scored some wins over the past year, including Atlantic Records artist Terror Jr.'s hit single "Come First," with over 85 million Spotify plays. Incubator also scored numerous singles on labels such as Armada Records, Revealed Recordings, and CR2.

Additionally, Riptide has further developed its DIVER division, which is focused on record label and artist sync services. DIVER exclusively represents Dine Alone Records, Canada's largest indie label, for worldwide sync representation. The DIVER roster is filled with new label releases, providing music supervisors and brands with access to current touring and "buzzing" artists.

Regarding today's announcement, Haldeman said, "We're very excited to welcome Mark Ross as our partner. His participation will allow us the opportunity to enjoy significant growth. This cash infusion helps us become better situated to serve the talented roster of music creators we work with, and to increase that community on a global scale. Mark is passionate about music publishing, and we look forward to working with him."

"Mark and I both cut our chops in recording studios and as music producers, which, for me, enabled us to bond immediately," adds Goldman. "Mark's a music guy to the core, and he brings a world of knowledge, relationships and enthusiasm to the table. He shares our vision in the unlimited potential of Riptide Music Group. We are thrilled to have him come on board."

Dan Silver, Riptide's VP of Creative, said, "This new partnership with Mark Ross fuels a broader reach for us to brands, studios, and music supervisors with our various catalogs. It will also help us to increase our artists' value in the marketplace, which will ultimately broaden the audiences for those artists. Mark's investment, depth of experience, and extensive industry relationships are sure to power an energetic new growth phase for Riptide."

"Riptide is a dynamic company with a seasoned team, a tremendous catalog, and solid media connections. I'm thrilled to be joining them, and to help support their growth during this exciting new era across all aspects of the global music industry," Ross said.

Mark Ross of Riptide Music GroupABOUT MARK ROSS:

Mark Ross brings a lifetime of experience and business relationships to the new Riptide Music Group partnership. Over the course of his career, he's had the great fortune of working with creative luminaries such as Michael Jackson, Quincy Jones, Bob Dylan, Herbie Hancock, Paul Simon, Alicia Keys, Ray Charles, AC/DC, Stevie Wonder, Andrea Bocelli, Metallica, Frank Sinatra, and Sir George Martin. In the process, he's forged strong personal and professional relationships with entertainment professionals of every stripe.

Starting his career as a tape librarian at Atlantic Studios, Ross went on to work closely with Quincy Jones for more than 20 years, ultimately as Executive Director of Quincy Jones Productions. He also ran his own imprint label with Universal Records.

In addition, Ross has produced a number of films, and was an early backer of the groundbreaking independent film endeavor, InDigEnt. He produced one of the largest concerts ever in Moscow, "Monsters of Rock," prior to the fall of the Soviet Union. The concert featured AC/DC, Metallica, and Pantera, whom he signed to ATCO Records.

Ross is also currently an advisor and investor in Music Audience Exchange, a technology company that helps consumer brands and music artists form mutually beneficial partnerships.


Formed in early 2014 by the merger of Riptide Music and Pigfactory, Riptide Music Group is comprised of five operating units: Riptide Rights looks after publishing and master rights for administration and sync representation; Riptide One, a carefully curated catalog of independent artists, bands, producers and composers, master & publishing controlled 100% by Riptide; Pacifica Music Library, a modern production music library focused on current popular music styles; DIVER, a boutique catalog of label-signed, active and touring artists; and Incubator, Riptide's pop and urban songwriter, producer and artist development division.

Riptide Music Group is located at 9469 Jefferson Blvd., Ste. 114, Culver City, CA 90232. The phone is 310.437.4380. For more information, please see:

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