Friday, 13 January 2017 12:39

Apple Entering Scripted TV? Very Good for Music Supervision

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AppleAt MusicSupervisionCentral, we've long held that an expanding content production ecosystem is one of the best things possible for music supervisors.

While Apple has certainly made its presence known in other aspects of the music industry, now it may be doing its part to provide new opportunities for music supervisors, and in turn, fresh sync licensing placements for legions of artists and publishers – not to mention original score from myriad composers. That's because articles start to surface yesterday indicating that Apple is seriously considering creating new content in the form of scripted TV shows for 2017, and possibly even movies later on.

One only has to think about how many synch licenses and music supervision gigs have been generated by the likes of Netflix to realize what a boon that Apple original content could be for this sector. Whatever your opinion on the economics of Apple Music and iTunes, everyone in the music supervision field should be pulling for this concept to become a reality.

For more details on this development, Andrew Cunningham's article in Ars Technica is a solid resource.

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