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"808" Doc Finally Arriving, Dec. 9th On Apple Music

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Now here's a documentary we can definitely get behind: 808, which is finally arriving on a device near you on December 9, available exclusively via Apple Music. it will then be available for download in rental on the iTunes Movie store from December 16 onward.

Produced by You Know Films in association with Atlantic Films, the movie traces the story of how this beloved early 1980's drum machine grew to loom so large in music. it was was written by Alexander Dunn and Luke Bainbridge, with Don doing double duty as director.

Not only is there a mountain of music stars – from underground to platinum – interviewed on camera (Pharrell, Rick Rubin, David Guetta, Afrika Bambaata, many more), we at MSC also heart the soundtrack, which packs 14 tracks of deliciousness. Synchs include tracks from artists including Public Enemy, Beastie Boys, Shannon, Felix da Housecat and of course 808 State.

You're bound to get hooked by the preview trailer, which you can see right here.

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