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Scripted TV Show Glut - Or Music Supervision Goldrush?

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Can there be too much of a good thing? Perhaps now is a good time for music supervisors in the TV realm to answer that question.

In John Koblin's August 9th article in the New York Times, he asks whether a current surge in scripted TV shows led by Netflix is a positive or negative for the industry, as well as for viewers.

It's an interesting argument, but when it comes to music supervision the current uptick in content production just seems like a win. Shows on Netflix are only one example of smart series that understand the important role of a well-curated sync set list. That means more opportunities for music supervisors for each show, and subsequently more opportunities to place music – artists, labels, publishers, and libraries all stand to benefit.

Of course, an increase in content could serve to further water down music budgets, but if the overall pie is growing its hard to view these developments in a bad light.

The action item: Keep your eyes out for new shows getting the green light. If sync licensing is a part of your portfolio, there just may be another window for you.

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