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NY Times: Beetles Do Beatles

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Josh Wakely’s new animated series “Beat Bugs” is creating quite a buzz around the music industry.

On August 3rd, Netflix will air “Beat Bugs,” a story about the lives of a tight-knit group of bugs, derived from some of The Beatles’ most beloved songs. The series, which has been approved for a second season, will feature covers of classic songs including “Good Day Sunshine” and “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds” sung by modern artists like P!nk, Jennifer Hudson, and The Lumineers. Combine the stellar music with valuable life lessons and, BAM! - you’ve got an instant hit for children and parents alike.

Wakely, the creator, writer, director, and producer of “Beat Bugs,” realized the potential to tell stories based off of The Beatles’ timeless, imaginative songs, and he worked long and hard to make it a reality.

Though the show is about insect-sized characters, this project was a very large undertaking. Wakely worked out a licensing deal with Sony/ATV Music Publishing that granted him permission not only to cover and sync many songs written by John Lennon and Paul McCartney, but also to derive aspects of “Beat Bugs’” plots and characters from content in The Beatles’ material. With those rights, Wakely was able to imbed The Beatles’ music into the core of the series.

Read Ben Sisario’s piece about Wakely’s work on “Beat Bugs” and watch the trailer here:It will leave you itching to see more.

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