Friday, 04 March 2016 12:09

Snap Analysis: Why Radio Needs Music Supervisors

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In a profession that seems to only be building in momentum, Sean Ross discusses a brief history of music supervision, and why radio stations are yearning for this specific task.

Music Directors, Ross argues, were the original music supervisors, with their careful selection of curated playlists and honing in listeners. Ross goes on to suggest that "No. 1 Music Discovery" on modern day radio is merely a math equation under strict guidelines that really don't allow DJs  and music directors much creativity in physically discovering music.

Ross pleads for more transparency in the music broadcasting business, and believes that there should be a credited professional finding the latest hits. He says that the proposed position of radio music supervisor would show up on the air at any time to introduce the latest superstar release and also get accolades for finding the tune. He goes on that since music directors don't get to show a lot of enterprise "in the area of musical conservatism", music supervisors should be expected to find these hits.

We can definitely see a niche opening up here. It is a possibility, that with the trend of independent labels populating a once major-dominated industry, that we will also see a rise in independent radio stations.

Read the detailed article by Sean Ross on Billboard, and stay aware in the coming years of this new and exciting opportunity for music supervisors and music lovers alike.

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