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Wednesday, 20 January 2016 14:04

SSotW: Liza Anne's "Take It Back"

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Liza AnneWe love having the opportunity to expose relatively unknown indie artists to our readers, and this week we are excited to bring to you "Take It Back" by Liza Anne. This Atlanta, GA native has some crystal clear vocals, and we can already see her music against a series of visual media.

"Take It Back" appears on Liza's album, Two, which is her second full-length album. Rather than showcasing a forced out series of pop ballads on her sophomore album, Liza Anne proudly displays her own artistic vision full of mature, catchy melodies, and creative instrumentals. It's full of blossoming self-discovery and truth, which is clearly evident in her peacefully passionate performance.

Throughout Liza Anne's tracks, we hear similarities of Birdy, Lorde, and even some Jeff Buckley. We love the self-effacing nature of this track, specifically as Liza pleads for honesty, even though she acknowledges the danger of this. "I would rather have it fall apart/Than act like we're on solid ground"; "I don't want to hear it now, but you know I've got to ask/Do you want to take it back?". This song is an explosion of hidden feelings that billows into a beautiful artistic expression that will make you want to close your eyes and let it out; whatever "it" may be.

We love how the musical intensity builds off of itself as the song progresses, and Liza blossoms and grows in confidence. By the end, she is on her feet demanding "Now you have to take it back".

This song is a perfect candidate for shows in the style of Music Superviors like Alexandra Patsavas, Lindsay Wolfington, and Liza Richardson. Although the show has since ended, we can see it in Liza Richardson's "Parenthood", or something with a similar story about love and growth. We believe that it also has potential to make it onto one of Lindsay Wolfington's ever-popular "The Royals" playlists.

Help us support this artist by sharing our article and listening to and/or purchasing her music. You may find her work on her personal website, and you can also find her on social media. For now, check out "Take It Back" below.