Monday, 30 November 2015 13:51

Kohl's Calls on 'The Beatles' for Help

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The BeatlesKohl's launched a new ad campaign full of bold statements. The company released a series of 15- and 30-second commercials for the holiday season with the hopes of high consumer relation.

For five months, the company pursued approval from Sony regarding cover versions of the Beatles' famous tune, "All Together Now". Company executive vice president of marketing believes this song is a perfect fit as it had "Not been overused and wasn't highly associated with any other brand or product or anything". Despite its use by Nike, Sprint and NBA, Setliff finds this use exceptionally relatable: "What we tried to do with the product is connect it in a way that's really real…we're not hitting people over the head with it."

In negotiations with label executives, Kohl's showed its commitment to accepting a variety of ages, races and sexual orientations, begging for a large audience and lots of listeners. And as we are all wondering, "All Together Now" was a colossal price, and Kohl's spent significantly more than it had in the past. It is estimated that using short clips of "All Together Now" performed by a cover artist may have cost the company $100,000. However, they saved massive amounts of money by using a cover band and small pieces of the song instead of its entirety.

Lots of analysts have weighed in on the situation and Bridget Weishaar, a senior equity analyst who covers department stores fro Morningstar says that "For Kohl's, focusing on families — in all their diversity — is a very, very smart way to go."

To read more about the new campaign, head on over to New York Times for the full article.

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