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Ireland’s Caruso Teams With MSC

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We are ECSTATIC to announce that over the next week (and hopefully much longer) we’ll be working with Irish singer/songwriter Shane Ó Fearghail of the likewise Irish band, Caruso, to bring you some very exciting content leading to the release of his new video for “Star,” coming at you next Friday (9/19) RIGHT HERE on MSC!

Right then, let’s get craic-en! Shane is a wonderfully talented musician from Dublin, who we’re told just relocated to Vienna, where he’ll continue to write and perform, continuing to delight crowds all over Europe.


From what we understand, “Caruso” is Shane’s “more bandy sounding stuff,” while his solo material is a bit slower and more pared down in a style akin to most of the singer/songwriter genre. Shane’s exceptional talents and brilliant live show have earned him supporting roles for some of our favorite acts including Ray LaMontagne, Glen Hansard, Damien Rice, and Sinead O’Connor.

He was also a featured artist at this year’s Sync Summit Paris, which landed him worldwide licensing and distro deals with US publishers. We had the good fortune of seeing his set at last week’s Sync Summit Hollywood.

Described as “ a modern Irish songwriter writing new songs [who] looks to the future whilst drawing from the past,” Shane’s live energy, passion, and effortlessly genuine folk sound make his music extremely licensable. He works so closely with his music that he needs little direction in terms of its construction. His sound is completely unmanufactured and raw, but has that necessary commercial level to its production making it just right for many sync opportunities.

So! Without further adieu, Shane has given us the extreme honor of debuting his video for Caruso’s “Star,” next Friday evening as our Sync Song of the Week. However, to make the wait less agonizing…or maybe feel even longer, we present a special behind the scenes look at the filming of the new video!!

Beautifully shot by cinematographer Eoin O’Neill as part of a Nikon and Filmbase Ireland initiative, the three-and-a-half minute clip is a beautiful teaser of the band’s full video directed by Luis Diaz and shot on-location in Dublin.


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