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Synch Song of the Week: “My Type” by Saint Motel

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You might have thought Beyoncé’s video album was a novel concept, but we all know for her, it’s a marketing tactic—what you might not have known is that bands like Saint Motel had been employing the same concept years before “Queen Bey” came around.

LA natives, Saint Motel, are what England’s The Guardian call, “a Brit-indie band trapped in the bodies of four svelte, stylish Californians.” The Guardian continues on to note the band’s sound as “indie with some glam pizzazz featuring a singer not averse to flamboyance, a suave croon and lyrics that verge on the literary.”

Anyway, the point is that—as massive cinephiles (and ex-film school students)—the band’s first EP was apparently released in tandem with videos for each of the EP’s 6 tracks. So not only do the band love film, but they also understand exactly how music works with film.

It’s clear their model is working: the group has been synced with HBO Films, DirecTV, and Dewar’s whiskey among others, in just the past few years. “My Type’s” infectious bouncy disco hook is PERFECT for car adverts (Think Kia’s “How You Like Me Now” campaign), clothing adverts (or retail in general), rom-coms, sitcoms, and, well, pretty much anything. Although,  we think it’d flourish best in the ad world where catchy hooks are essential, and where you have between 10 and 60 seconds to attract and retain an audience.

The track’s somewhat sparse lyrics and filler chants (the “na-na-nahs”) also make “My Type” an extremely versatile piece from which purely instrumental pieces could be used if necessary. Not to mention the tune’s sheer catchiness—we dare you not to dance and have this song stuck in your head for weeks!

The band is currently touring Europe, but will be back state-side next year so be sure to check them out! Until then check out their other work on Soundcloud and keep up with their happenings on Twitter and Facebook.



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