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NYTimes: CA Expands Film Incentive

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You, like us, might associate the world HQ for film with Hollywood, California. With studios littering the Sunset Strip, Santa Monica Boulevard, and W Pico, it’s only natural to assume most film production is concentrated to the 503 square miles that is greater Los Angeles.

However, according to the NY Times, “film production has dropped by about half in California in the last 15 years, as incentives from national government and other states, including New York, drew production away.” So, while the world capital for film and television editing may still be Hollywood, with hefty state and union fees, production has moved elsewhere.

In the golden age of cinema it was actually more cost efficient to build sets rather than shoot at off-site locales, but with advancements in transportation, rising production costs, and increasingly demanding reality standards, studios are choosing to shoot abroad.

In an attempt to reverse this phenomenon, California’s Governor Brown and the state legislators have launched a competitive $330 mil initiative of their own (up $230 million from their previous program).

The NY Times reports that “the incentive will be offered for five years beginning with the 2016 fiscal year” … and “Legislation creating the incentive is also expected to replace the lottery with a new financing mechanism that would give priority to projects based on their prospects for job creation and economic benefit to California.”

Could this bring production back to Hollywood? That remains to be seen, but it’s certainly a promising prospect.


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