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"Wish I Was Here" Soundtrack

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Have you been spending the last 10 years —yes, ten. TEN years— like us, holding onto desperate hope for another Garden State-esque lightheartedly existential film to cling to? Well, the wait is over!

Comedy genius and indie darling, Zach Braff is set to return to the director’s chair with a film called “Wish I Was Here.” The film, which hits theaters in July, is wholly funded through popular crowd funding site, Kickstarter and well exceeded its $2 million goal with the help of more than 46,500 backers.

In the original campaign video, Braff explains his need and use of the site, mainly emphasizing his want to retain creative control, as he did with Garden State. Braff furthermore notes that Wish I Was Here is not a Garden State “sequel in story, but it’s a continuation of the tone.”

Wish I Was Here

But that’s not all!

For die-hard Garden State soundtrack fans, Under The Radar magazine reports that Wish I Was Here’s soundtrack will be equally as memorable. Braff apparently just confirmed that Bon Iver, Cat Power, and Coldplay are participating, setting this up to be another home-run soundtrack compilation.

Disappointed? Don’t be, because it wouldn’t be a Zach Braff film without a little help from The Shins, who will reportedly also be heard on the soundtrack. You can read more about the project, its funding, release, and soundtrack on the film’s official website as well as enjoy playlists and downloads while you wait for the film’s release in July.


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